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Thursday, January 27, 2005
***A page a day keeps the guilt away***
A standard page, considered by many writers and the industry, is 250 words, typed, and double-spaced. How hard can it be to type 250 words on a daily basis? I'm going to find out as I implement some discipline back into my writing. I'm debating, though, if I should note my efforts in this blog. We'll see.

How hard can it be? It depends on what kind of quality you're looking for. It's easy to bang out 250 words, but that doesn't mean what you've written will be any good. Writing a well-formed piece of 250 words, now that can be a challenge.

Good luck. I hope you post your thoughts about this exercise.
You finished NaNo and you're worried about having DISCIPLINE?? As one who didn't even get halfway (okay, not even a quarter of the way) I tip my hat to you.

I'm trying the whole morning-pages thing. But morning pages would be so much easier for me if they didn't happen in the morning...
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