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Monday, January 03, 2005
***Return to the fold***
I did no writing during the month of December. Cars consumed my attention and still do.

It's a new year which usually marks the time for the establishment of new goals. For me and writing, it's thus:

Complete the first draft of PP.
Complete the (yet unnamed) comic book script.

I've set the dates for the above goals. Now to get to work.

I've been working on my writing goals. I am determined to get Dragons Gather done so that it's off my desk for a while. I have a new mystery that I want to write, but DG takes my time.

I've looked into writing a comic book script, but got discouraged about the competition. They receive a lot of scripts. Which amazes me that they publish the ones that they do. The JLA and X-Men are both suffering these days with poor, incoherent storylines.
I did no writing in December, either. It's pretty grim when that happens, isn't it--especially when (like me) NaNo crashed the previous month, too.

Never mind. I'm working hard on a new project now. Good luck with yours!
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