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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
***New month resolution: writing***
As I discussed in an earlier post, I plan to write at least a page (250 words) a day. I have not done so since I wrote that post but plan to change that tonight. I'm already scheduling time (see Whatever).

Goal by midyear: first draft complete, preferably second draft complete.

You can do it! I'm waiting to hear how it goes.
I like small daily goals for writing. Among science fiction writers, Cory Doctorow and Jim Van Pelt both have such goals (250 words and 200 words, respectively). I've just started doing 100 words a day, and it's been great. It keeps me in the writing mindset without making me feel overwhelmed.

Over course, bigger goals like Nanowrimo can be fun too. I did Nano 2004 and loved it.

Good luck with your new goal!
Meeting small goals consistently eventually leads to those larger goals not looking so large. Good luck, Joel.
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